Max Payne Director Pissed About R-Rating, Blames Batman Blowjob

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John Moore, director of the Max Payne movie adaptation, is pissed. Moore has a bone to pick with the Motion Picture Association of America for slapping his movie with an R-rating, something he tells Das Gamer he didn't seek out; Payne was supposed to be PG-13. Moore says that the MPAA hobbled his movie, financially, with an R because it's dark and "feels R," theorizing that the ratings body "gave The Dark Knight a PG-13 rating and basically sucked Warner Bros. cock."The Dark Knight, Moore thinks, was "pretty gnarly for PG-13" and that his own film was going to get the same treatment. Not so, despite the film being "not yet rated" officially. The Max Payne director says that Wahlberg intentionally avoided some salty language and that Moore "didn't go cutting people's heads off and ripping their eyeballs out just for the fun of it" to help nab the PG-13, something he's still lobbying for. Perhaps a reversal of MPAA and film studio roles could help, John? MPAA volunteers need blowjobs too. Max Payne Director John Moore Just A Tad Pissed With Film Ratings Board [Das Gamer]


Darth Tigris

Games and movie ratings are NOT synonymous. There have been PG-13 movies that ended up getting M rated games (Chronicles of Riddick and 24 come to mind). So whatever a game is rated DOESN'T have to have a movie rated the same or vice versa.

That being said, it'd be a shame if this movie didn't get rated as the director and studio intended. Especially when we've seen other movies recently (The Dark Knight, Live Free or Die Hard) that push what a PG-13 movie really is.

In other news, am I the only one shocked by the brutality in the cut scenes of T-rated Too Human?