Max Payne Comics Coming from Rockstar and Marvel

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Just in time for his return to consoles, Max Payne's also going to be making a debut into the comics world. Announced today, a new series coming from the House of Ideas will delve into Max's early years—during the era of the first two MP games—with art from Fernando Blanco. The scripts will be written by Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser and Remedy's Sam Lake.

The series has always paid homage to comics in its storytelling so Max Payne should feel right at home in between the panels. Rockstar Games says you'll be able to read the comics for free on the official Max Payne site and other digital outlets.


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At first I was afraid when I saw this news. Then I saw that Sam Lake and I was excited! I wonder when the Max Payne ride will show up at Disney or if they'll do a Max Payne meets Mickey Mouse? Then I'm sure we'll get a new movie based on the ride! Really though if a ride were ever created for Max Payne, it would have to be like Address Unknown.