Despite more than a decade of futzing about with Adobe Photoshop, my digital painting skills are considerably amateur. Creating something like David Cousens' The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask piece above is beyond my skills... or is it?!

The answer is still "Yes, it is," but Cousens fantastic Photoshop tutorial, in which he walks us through the step-by-step creation of his "Broken Link" digital painting, is extremely helpful in touching on the finer points of advanced techniques. A bit of computer arts knowledge wrapped in a tasty Majora's Mask coating might just spurn you too to up your Photoshop game.

Cousens' tutorial warns that this tutorial is not for the beginner, but for those "comfortable with radial gradients, overlay layers and clipping mask layers and have a good foundation level of artistic skill." Still, even for the Photoshop clumsy, it's a gorgeous little walkthrough.

Thanks for sending it our way, David.

Advanced Tutorial: Creating ‘Broken Link' []