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Master League StarCraft II Player Shows Off His Incredible Skills

Illustration for article titled Master League iStarCraft II/i Player Shows Off His Incredible Skills

I’ve been getting back into StarCraft II recently, so I really appreciated this new video from streamer Evan “Winter” Ballnik, showing off some of the precise mechanical skills you’ll require if you want to play Blizzard’s popular real-time strategy game at the highest levels.


Here it is:

Happy Friday.

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RTS games in general require a sort of thinking I just can’t do quickly. It takes time for me to think of where I need to check for things, click on units to tell them to do things, and to react. It’s all in real time though, and generally I lose every single online match I have ever played dating back to when Starcraft first came out. I love the game, but I will never, ever, EVER be good at it in the multiplayer scene. I prefer turn based strategy games for that.

Edit: I have literally never won a match, even at the lowest ladder ranking, of any RTS I have ever played. Yes, I have followed advice on how to built up troops quick, how to spread out early, and all that. I even thought I was doing good, right up until I get demolished by units suddenly appearing a couple tech trees higher than me in massive numbers. I just can’t think “outside” my viewing area or control the game fast enough. For multiplayer, I’ll stick with either turn based strategy, or for twitch reaction I might play a FPS. I have no illusions that I’m ever going to go “pro”, especially at this age, but I can at least win a match now and then in those games.