Massive World Of Warcraft Diorama At BlizzCon Sets World Record

On the BlizzCon show floor this weekend was a massive World of Warcraft diorama. There are 10,000 characters in it, but here’s the crazy part: each figure is based on an individual BlizzCon attendee’s actual in-game character. It’s totally wild.

Titled the “Battle for Lordaeron,” it’s meant to be a depiction of the battle between the Alliance and Horde shown in the new World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth intro cinematic.

Each of the individual figurines is based on an actual BlizzCon attendee, however. Using the BlizzCon app, people were able to go and find where their unique character was located on the battlefield. It kind of makes those weekend miniature nights at the local comic shop feel quaint in comparison.


Naturally, Blizzard didn’t go through all of that trouble just for the hell of it, or simply impress its fans. It also had a representative on hand to confirm that it was the most populous video game diorama ever created.

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