Massive Leaks Are Rumors, Says Marketing Company Responsible

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Intellisponse, the marketing firm behind the recent weekend's massive Activision and Microsoft leak-fest, is declining to comment on its gatekeeping issues or the impact the leaks might have on its clients.


"It is our policy that we do not comment on rumor or speculation," said spokesperson Elizabeth McCrocklin.

When Kotaku pointed out via email that the fact a leak most certainly occurred, resulting in widespread dissemination of info from the Intellisponse site was, well, a fact, and not a speculation, McCrocklin did not reply.

Intellisponse is a market research firm that partners with companies to help them conduct surveys and glean intelligence for their upcoming products and concepts. It also hosts a survey platform to help its clients conduct market research. It isn't certain just how actual any of the leaked products are - the leaks came from some of these surveys, so it's entirely possible that they're merely theoretical concepts for the purpose of gauging reaction and testing out the market.

For its part, Microsoft also declined to comment with the exact same "rumors and speculation" line, about either the fact of the leak or the concepts that emerged.


Darth Tigris


In hindsight, that makes the most sense. It'd be strange for either company to leave so many big product and service announcements in such a vulnerable place (beknownst or unbeknownst). Considering where these leaks came from, your statement is the most plausible.