Massage Ladies With Your Wii In August

Come August 9, North American Wii owners can no longer complain that their console lacks a game that involves rubbing a topless woman's back, when Microforum Ltd.'s Enjoy Your Massage finally hits WiiWare.

We've written about the Enjoy Your Massage massage simulator before, but now we get a chance to see it in action.


You play the apprentice masseur of Giselle's beauty farm. Using your Wii remote and nunchuck to perform relaxing massage combinations, you help a group of female customers relax. Whether you lose your job or get promoted depends on how well you perform.

Yes it sounds like a "Dear Penthouse," letter, but its rated Everyone 10+, so don't expect a happy ending. What you can expect is a little emotional involvement.

Enjoy your massage! has been created with the cooperation of a team of psychologists: a special mix of slow breath-rythmical animations and harmonic sound relaxes the player and enhances his emotional involvement.


Right. The silly girl rubbing game will hit WiiWare on August 9.

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