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Mass Effect Statue Captures Liara's Most Endearing Qualities

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Two features attracted me to Asari researcher Liari T'soni in the original Mass Effect — her powerful biotics, and those adorable blue freckles. Gaming Heads' upcoming 19 inch statue captures both perfectly.

Freckles are wonderful things, and I say this not only as a person born with them, but as a lifelong admirer. To some they're an imperfection. To me they are human plumage, markings that make some humans stand out from others.

Well, not just humans.


Liara's freckles gave the character a life I wouldn't normally expect from an alien creature in a brand-spanking new science fiction universe. Yeah, she's got an inverted squid head, but we've still got something in common.


That, and our use of powerful biotics. We're like twinsies. I probably shouldn't have had my Commander Shepard sleep with her.

Gaming Heads' Liara, the second in their Mass Effect line after good old Garrus, is being touted as the company's most customizeable statue yet, coming with three different hands. One holds an Acolyte heavy pistol, one summons forth a powerful biotic field, and one reaches out to me from across the galaxy.


As with all Gaming Heads work, Liara comes in two flavors. The regular edition is limited to 1,000 pieces and runs $329.99. For $10 more one can purchase one of 500 limited edition Liaras, which come with two additional hands — another emoty one for hugging, and a second power-charged fist so she can go full biotic on our asses.


She's due out in the first quarter of 2015, around the same time as Garrus, which means some Mass Effect fans are going to need some extra Christmas money. Here's hoping they give us a breather before announcing the next one, or my bank account is going to kill itself.


Mmm, freckles.