Mass Effect Returns To Minecraft Seven Years Later

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Minecraft players can now once again explore Mars as their favorite Mass Effect players on modern platforms.


The Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack adds 36 unique skins for characters like Commander Shepard and Garrus, as well as a bunch of custom textures, menus, and some of the best music from Mass Effect 3 because what better way to terraform your own personal world than by listening to some of the best scifi synthwave beats of the last decade.

The Mass Effect datapack for Minecraft was originally released back in 2013, which makes sense since that was only a year after the release of Mass Effect 3. But at that time it only came to the existing versions of Minecraft and even then only on console. The block-builder has gone through a number of changes since then, including getting ported to new platforms. While this week’s timing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, the re-release of the Mass Effect datapack does mean players on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, and mobile will all finally get to re-experience the glory of Mass Effect 3 in 2020 together.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a Mass Effect remastered anthology anytime soon, but at least now Minecraft players can try and build their own.

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EA is really missing the mark by not remastering those games. EA missing the mark isn’t something new though. So...