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Mass Effect: Foundation Comics Series To Be Written By ME 3 Story Lead

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mass Effect is getting its first ongoing comics series in the form of Mass Effect: Foundation from Dark Horse Comics, penned by Mac Walters, writer on Mass Effect 2 and the story lead on Mass Effect 3. Some might argue that being in charge of Mass Effect 3's story should not be a point of pride, but still. Walters has also written four comics miniseries in the Mass Effect universe.

Information on Foundation is scarce, but Walters did drop this hint in an interview with Comic Book Resources (CBR):

Rather than going into an area where we tell brand-new stories in a universe that people know already, maybe we could find ways of fleshing out some of the stories that we've heard hints of already. At a high level, that's where we thought about going with "Foundations" and that's where we went with it.


There are 12 issues planned at this point, according to CBR. Check out the rest of the interview to learn a little bit more.

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