Mass Effect For The iPhone: The "Real Facts"

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Details on the forthcoming Mass Effect iPhone "animated presentation" revealed this week were leaked a tad earlier than developer BioWare was expecting. And BioWare wants to clear up a few things about Mass Effect: Jacob's Story.


BioWare Community Coordinator Chris Priestly has shared with the community some "real deal facts" about the iPhone spin-off, alleged to be a two-hour "animated graphic novel experience" with "gripping top-down shooter combat" thrown in for good measure. Priestly says that, yes, the game is real but that fans shouldn't consider it "required reading."


"The story of the game is not a 'bridging' story between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2," Priestly writes. "It is a cool little side-story about one of the upcoming Mass Effect 2 characters." Consider it a "fun optional 'extra' game."

Priestly also smacks down theories that development on Mass Effect for the iPhone is delaying work on any downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PC release, nothing that a separate dedicated team is handling duties on Jacob's Story.

"We think the iPhone and iPod Touch are exciting new platforms for games, and this game was designed for these platforms from the ground up," he says, indicating that the side story is an example of Mass Effect "branching out."

Mass Effect & iPhone/iPod Touch [Bioware Forums]

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This art style doesn't fit the Mass Effect universe at all. It looks like a pre-cgi Disney movie or post-ninja turtles Saturday morning cartoon.