Mass Effect Explained with Cute Schoolgirls

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As far as space operas go, Mass Effect's storyline isn't *that* hard to follow. But if you are a latecomer to the series, you might need a primer. So what better way than with Asari schoolgirls wearing sailor uniforms?

Japan's Dengeki Online is serializing the manga, which is titled "Teach me! Professor Mordin!". Drawn by manga artist Michi Michiru, the manga is set in a school and is designed to introduce the characters, their races, and provide background. Here, schoolgirl Liara swoons over the gym teacher, Shepherd, while Mordin claims out of a manhole, offering ignorant schoolgirls "supplementary lessons".


While this sounds nothing like the Mass Effect I've played, it does sound awesome. Mass Effect high school dating sim, anyone?

さあ席に着きたまえ、今から『Mass Effect』をカンタンに学べるコミックの連載を開始するっ! [DengekiOnline Thanks, Ethan!]

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