BioWare has been expanding their Dragon Age and Mass Effect story universes through comics and novels for several years. Now they're branching out into animation projects, working with FUNimation to create a pair of anime features for later this year, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker and Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.

In this Dailymotion video recently shared on the BioWare blog, we get a closer look at the production process and at what story Paragon Lost will be telling. It centers on James Vega, showing how he got to be where he eventually landed, at the side of the famous Commander Shepard.


The video also features a number of character and location sketches, showing that surprisingly, vorcha manage to look kind of cool in 2D. They confirm that the release of Paragon Lost is still the nebulous "fall 2012," and that Dawn of the Seeker, following Dragon Age 2 character Cassandra Pentaghast, will be coming out May 29.

Paragons and Seekers [BioWare Blog]

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