Mass Effect Action Figures Back from the Dead

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It's long been assumed that the Mass Effect figures, once the domain of DC Direct, were dead in the water. The first series came and went quickly, while the second never came at all.


But now, they're back. EA and Big Fish Toys have struck a deal to not only bring the first wave back to retail, but give the second wave—featuring fan favourites like Miranda, Garrus and Mordin—its long-awaited release.

That's the good news. The bad news? They won't be out until at least April next year. You can pre-order them all now on BioWare's online store.

ME Action Figures Series 2 [BioWare]



....Wow. I was literally just searching for a Garrus action figure for a Christmas gift yesterday with no knowledge of there having ever been Mass Effect figures previously. What a coincidence then that Kotaku brings it up the next day.