Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Bonus Weekends Finally Available on PS3

BioWare has been running regular multiplayer bonus weekend events in Mass Effect 3 since March, but until now, PlayStation 3 owners had been unable to participate. An earlier statement from BioWare seemed to point the finger at an issue with approval on Sony's end, leaving players hanging.


However, today BioWare announced that effective this weekend, PS3 players finally now also have access to the same challenges and bonuses that their Xbox 360- and PC-using counterparts do. Players on all three systems need to remember to emable the "upload gameplay feedback" option under settings for their participation in weekend events to count.

No matter how much I personally enjoy the ME3 multiplayer, I'm not sure I'm up to a weekend full of gold-level matches just yet. So I really hope the PS3 players are, because at this point they deserve an event they don't have to sit out.

Piority Update: Operation Exorcist [BioWare Blog]

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