Mass Effect 2 Predicts Super Bowl Winner — in 2185

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No word on how Madden is doing with its predictions 175 years from now, but Mass Effect 2, via Cerberus Daily News, says the New York Giants, with a Krogan quarterback (pictured), beat the Beijing Dragons in Super Bowl CCXIX.


The news item, as reported by the Mass Effect Wiki:

"Earth nations gathered around their vidsets today for Super Bowl CCXIX, an annual sporting and media event that culminates North-American-Union-Rules football season. The New York Giants defied expectations and took down the Beijing Dragons in a tight 24-19 game. The highlight was a 69-yard pass from Krogan QB Bragus Thul. The game's top-3 hit commercials were Aldrin Labs' hilarious "Improvise", Unithirst's "Cola Coffee Rock n'Rolla", and Binary Helix's "Not My Future, Thanks." As for the greatest tease, it goes to the trailer for the soon-to-be summer blockbuster Nekyia Corridor, which sent sports fans to the extranet trying to find out what the heck a nekyia was."


I don't know what "North-American-Union-Rules" means but it sounds like some mashup of Canadian, American, Australian and Rugby football. Which means Luke and I should start renting some cryogenic storage space, because we'd love the hell out of that game.

Super Bowl CCXIX [Mass Effect Wiki, thanks Givafuk]

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Will bionic powers be allowed? I can see Asari kicking ass by just using lift on everyone.