Mass Effect 2 Characters Get New Wardrobe Options

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Let's see, let's I clothe Mass Effect 2 nutjob Jack in tattoos and some packing tape? Or do I go the Kanye West route, and opt for sci-fi sunglasses and jeans? Decisions, decisions.


Tomorrow, Bioware will release yet another piece of downloadable content for role-playing masterpiece Mass Effect 2, this time consisting of new wardrobe options for three of the game's characters.

Jack gets the aforementioned sunglasses and jeans, alien assassin Thane gets a rubber Beethoven outfit and gruff lawman Garrus gets, well, the cleanest outfit he's been seen in to date in the game.


They're available as part of the "Alternate Appearance Pack", which will cost 160 MS Points (or 160 BioWare points on the PC).

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Gantz: Your Trusted Friend in Science.

And yet I still prefer every other concept they had for Jack.