Mass Effect's two-disc Platinum Hits edition includes a nifty video documentary called "The Future of Mass Effect," which talks about downloadable content and what we can expect from the sequel.

The new DLC pack in development will add combat-oriented areas that the devs are comparing to "Fight Club" and Arena. More interestingly, though, the documentary mentions that BioWare wants the DLC to tie into Mass Effect 2. Does that mean we get to carry over our character from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2?


"Any saved game that you make from Mass Effect 1 you should be able to carry that same character into to Mass Effect 2," says the video at about 1:45. "You'll be able to take that save game and create a character in Mass Effect 2."

I wonder what he means by "should," and what he means by "create a character" if indeed you're carrying over a character that already exists. Maybe you get to make your character's kid to continue the experience?

A forum thread on Mass Effect's community board sums it up nicely (Cheers, Daniel!) if five minutes worth of video is too slow for you.

The Future of Mass Effect Documentary (New DLC Info) [Mass Effect Community]