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I've been playing Mass Effect on a 50" screen, and even I noticed that in some places the game has some tiny, tiny text. So spare a thought for people playing it on a standard-definition TV set.


In the latest example of a developer building games for only half the market, it's been revealed that not only does Mass Effect 2 feature text that for some people is too small to read, but that there's no way to really fix it.

Responding to user complaints on the matter on the developer's forums, BioWare's Michael Gamble writes "I'll have to talk to Casey about this (as any way to address it would have far reaching changes in the game), but please don't expect any decisions or a fix in the near future (as we are supporting a number of issues at this time). This was a design choice, not a bug".


Inother words, don't hold your breath. Actually, I think he means don't hold your breath, then go out and buy a bigger TV.

Mass Effect 2 text illegibility on SD TVs result of design decision [Ars Technica]

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