Mass Effect 2 And The Curse Of The Tiny Text

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I've been playing Mass Effect on a 50" screen, and even I noticed that in some places the game has some tiny, tiny text. So spare a thought for people playing it on a standard-definition TV set.

In the latest example of a developer building games for only half the market, it's been revealed that not only does Mass Effect 2 feature text that for some people is too small to read, but that there's no way to really fix it.

Responding to user complaints on the matter on the developer's forums, BioWare's Michael Gamble writes "I'll have to talk to Casey about this (as any way to address it would have far reaching changes in the game), but please don't expect any decisions or a fix in the near future (as we are supporting a number of issues at this time). This was a design choice, not a bug".


Inother words, don't hold your breath. Actually, I think he means don't hold your breath, then go out and buy a bigger TV.

Mass Effect 2 text illegibility on SD TVs result of design decision [Ars Technica]

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This is actually one of my problems. I've had my XBOX 360 for a long time and had no problems (for older games) with being able to read them. But as games continue to be developed and the HD screen continues to chomp it's way across the market like a beaver with a particularly tasty tree I have been more, and more and more limited in the games I can play.

I've got eye problems to start with, I can barely see shit without my glasses and with them on I'm still not 100%. When it comes to some of the newer games that I've wanted to play I simply have gotten so incredibly frustrated with trying to make sense out of what is smeared on my screen that I have just given up.

I saw a post while just glancing here that it is somehow my fault that I don't have the HD TV required to witness a game in proper appearance. I am deeply, and truly sorry I don't have the spare 500+ dollars it would take to buy an HDTV to play a 60+ Dollar game on my 300+ dollar console. (I got my 360 when it was still 299... dumb ass me...)

But no. It is NOT my fault and I am irritated as all hell when someone says that. It's ignorant and foolish. I am not rich. I don't have spare cash to throw around on frivolities like a new TV just so I can enjoy my hobby. You know what my spare cash is going towards? All the the other important things, like food, and a car payment, and car insurance, and rent, and heat, and electric, and a phone bill, and propane. I have my priorities and as much as I would LOVE to have a brand new HDTV to play my games on (and I would) I have many more things in my life that take higher precedence on my list of shit to take care of.

I just wish that some of the developers would take a care to consider us poor people. I can understand that technology is moving forward, it progresses. But the economy doesn't care how technology progresses. In fact it seems to be down-right indifferent.

Mass Effect 1, Borderlands, Prototype and Fallout 3 —Fallout 3 was HUGE for this— are very, very frustrating games to play on my TV because I can't read a damned thing on it without being extremely close to the TV or without severe eyestrain. It took me a very long time to beat ME1 because I had to spend a lot of extra care to make sure I was reading everything properly.

Fallout 3 I have never actually beaten because I just got so incredibly tired of never reading anything on my screen.

So please, if you don't understand a subject. Do not say anything about it, because my priorities are straight. Are yours?