Marvel vs. Capcom 3 OTW?

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IGN heavily qualifies what it heard at Comic-Con '08, and it isn't confirmation. But any idiot can look at Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, especially the fact it's getting positive response, and figure that Marvel and Capcom have some kind of response. Anyway, IGN reports that at Comic-Con, Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President of Production (wotta title), was asked if a new Marvel vs. Capcom game was possible someday. His reply: "Yes. And maybe sooner than you think." IGN goes on to say that a Capcom under-production title, probably for Japan release only, could provide the guts for the game, allowing it to be turned around in a relatively short time. New Marvel vs Capcom Game On the Way? [IGN, via Scrawl]

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I thought the same thing when I heard about Xmen Vs Street fighter for the first time. Then the day came I was walking home from school and like 5 of my friends stopped me because the local pizza shop got it in and I was floored. The game played great, looked great and all those cares went away.

I think if its done right you wont worry so much. Those games never really had much of a story it was just pure fanservice. As apposed to MK vs DC where they are trying to add a story it might conflict with the comics and the heroes we know so much about instead of just a brawl fest.

Marvel vs DC fighting game would be great if it was made by Capcom, no need for a real story just battle it out with your fav heroes. I think it would also make the internets asplode!!!