There's a Marvel vs Capcom 3 feature in the latest issue of Game Informer Magazine, and along with some new screens of the game, a number of previously unconfirmed - though strongly hinted-at - characters have been revealed.

The "new" characters are ones we already guessed at from the game's first promo art, but hard confirmation is a damn sight more final then "guesswork".

Revealed in the piece are Devil May Cry's Dante, Captain America, Deadpool and Darkstalker's Felicia, giving fans of Marvel, gay fashion icons and furry women the world over cause for celebration.

There are of course plenty more character reveals to come, so we'd like to take this time to issue a plea that they're all - or most of them - shown off at E3. The world can't stand another Super Smash Bros. Brawl marketing campaign.


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