Marvel vs. Capcom 2's Iron Man Infinite Combo Makes For A Great Beat

Illustration for article titled iMarvel vs. Capcom 2/is Iron Man Infinite Combo Makes For A Great Beat
Illustration: Capcom

Musician Akito Bass recently shared a great video showing how the iconic Iron Man infinite in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 can be used as the foundation for a catchy track.

A big part of learning even basic fighting game combos is getting the rhythm down. You don’t always need to count frames or learn concepts like “start-up” and “recovery” if you get a feel for how the combo is performed on a physical level.


Akito’s video is the perfect example of the genre’s underlying rhythm and flow.

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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V till I D.I.E

At first I was like “wait, what? What am I looking at?” But then I realized they’re using that MIDI controller as a game controller and I was like “bruh”.  That’s probably the dopest thing I’ve seen today and even MORE reason to want a rerelease of the game!