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Marvel VS Capcom 2: Hulk Smash Puny Wrestler

First it was Ryu versus Wolverine, and now the green goliath takes on the Russian bear in the second installment of Capcom's Marvel VS Capcom 2 strategy series.

It's the same drill as last week. Capcom takes two of the most iconic fighters on either side of the Marvel VS Capcom 2 conflict and pits them against each other, releasing videos showcasing the strategies used to defeat the two heaviest hitters the game has to offer.

First we have Zangief teaming up with the Sentinel to take on a double dose of the Hulk, with a little Storm thrown in for good measure.
And then we see the Hulk, Cable, and some Cyclops backup tearing Zangief a new one, with Storm once again buttin in at the end.

Much better than my Zangief strategy, which consists solely of jumping and kicking.

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Y'know, for a game that's being released on Xbox and PS3, there's an awful lot of Nintendo cartridges in that vid.