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Marvel Comics Artist Renders Romance Gone Wrong On DSi

If you happened to venture outside the main expo hall at PAX 2009, you may have run into Nintendo's unique booth for its drawing and animation downloadable DSi application, Flipnote Studio.

Each hour, a different professional artist would show up to show off their mad skills drawing in the DSi. Yesterday, Marvel comic book artist Mike Choi took a stab at it. As more and more onlookers showed up to see the finished masterpiece, everything about what Choi was creating seemed pretty benign, that was, until he played the animation back.


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Heh, this actually got me a bit interested in the program. Reminded me of my high school animation class.

But then again, I'd need a DSi, and I can already kind of do the same thing with my computer if I want to. Still, this aught to be fun for beginning animators and people who want to mess around a bit. I'd expect to see some cool results posted online in the near future.