Martin Sheen Dares You To Talk Back To Him (In Mass Effect 2)

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Much ado has been made about Mass Effect 2's new combat system, but let's not forget that it's still a story-heavy, actor-packed role-playing game.

Among the impressive list of actors lending their voice and talent to the "emotionally engaging" narrative is famed Apocalypse Now and West Wing actor Martin Sheen.


I was curious how the nearly 70-year-old actor took to the idea of lending his voice to a video game. Mass Effect 2 project director Casey Hudson told me he was very enthused about the project. So enthused that he got, perhaps, a bit too into his role.

In the game, Sheen voices the role of the Illusive Man, leader of the pro-humanity, quasi-terrorist, black-ops group Cerberus.

During the recording, the developers had to explain to Sheen that he would have to do multiple takes of each line so that they would fit with the different conversation options that players have in a dialog.

"We told him that he has to say a line several times different ways because a player might tell you to take a flying leap or something," Hudson said.


The very notion of someone back talking the leader of Cerberus confounded Sheen.

"Sheen said, 'Oooh, no. No. They're not going to do that. Oh no, they wouldn't say that.'"

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I wish this kind of budget and attention to narrative went into an IP that didn't have Mass Effect's shitty mythos and even shittier characters.