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It's a big decision. Choose wisely. And more and more Japanese women are supposedly picking towards otaku (geeks) for their marriage partners. The reason why otaku make attractive partners is that Japanese women think they won't cheat on them and that they'll be good listeners.


But not all geeks are the same! And not all geeks are guys. Here's a field guide (via Gow!Magazine), which isn't only applicable to women looking for a marriage partner, but also to anyone keen to date geeks. So which breed of geek is best for marriage? Let's fine out.

Anime Otaku: The stereotype is that anime otaku stay indoors all the time, watching and recording anime. For those who are already homebodies, an anime otaku might make a fetching catch, wrote Gow! It's also possible that both of you will totally get into the same anime. Since anime otaku can be interested in figurines and voice actors, Gow! advised to check to see just how far your otaku is into anime as well as be aware of what your tolerance level is.

Electronics Otaku: These geeks are into computers, audio equipment, and electronics. Since electronics are expensive and since this breed of otaku usually want the latest and greatest device, Gow! described them as "money draining landmine otaku".

Idol Otaku: Idols are typically young pop stars and pin-ups. Idol otaku go to concerts and meet-and-greet events, which is why Gow! described being in a relationship with an idol otaku as "difficult".

Game Otaku: The number of couples that are into gaming together is increasing, Gow! noted. Sharing the same interest is good for relationships. Though, Gow! warned that if the one partner stopped playing video games, then both might have nothing to talk about.

Train Otaku: Train otaku don't only enjoy taking trains, but they also love photographing them and building model train sets. Being in a relationship with a train otaku means that you'll probably going on loads of train journeys together, even as you both get older. Gow! warned that model train sets are pricey as are cameras. Also some might not like if their partner is more interested in taking photos of trains than them. Gow! also referred to train nerds as "landmines".


Superhero Otaku: These otaku are into Japanese superhero Ultraman and Kamen Rider. Because many of these otaku are collectors, that means your house could be covered in superhero items. Gow! warned that rare items can cost a considerable amount of cash. If the couple ends up with a child, then Gow! added that the superhero otaku can do a good job of explaining right and wrong and will probably be a good parent.

It was actually somewhat "in" to date otaku for like a weekend in either 2005 or 2006. Around that time, Train Man was a hit book, movie, and TV show. Otaku were viewed as diligent, earnest, and serious. They were good choices for dates.


Then, on June 8, 2008, a man named Tomohiro Kato went on a stabbing rampage in Tokyo's geek district, Akihabara. Otaku, sadly, reverted to their default setting in the Japanese media: creepy, strange, and possibly dangerous.

Thankfully, it looks as though otaku are making the climb back to mainstream acceptance—and marriage. So don't run from your geekiness when looking for a mate. Embrace it so your partner can embrace it, too. Because your otaku hobbies are probably not going away...


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