Markiplier Fans Celebrate His Bowel Movement

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Screenshot: Twitter

Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world. At almost 30 million subscribers, he’s afforded a level of celebrity that can make even a mundane activity, like taking a dump, a big deal.


After a recent stay in the hospital for an intestinal blockage, Markiplier updated his fans on his status with a very important two-word tweet:

Markiplier fans have since managed to make the hashtag #hepooped a trending topic on Twitter. It’s currently ranked as the social media platform’s sixth-most talked about thing in the United States and climbing.

Jokes aside, this normal human bodily function means Markiplier won’t have to go through surgery. He’s a good guy, by all accounts, and I’m glad to hear his medical problems have cleared up.

Congratulations on the poop, Mark.

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As I’ve gotten older, I too have come to appreciate a good bowel movement more and more. Make sure to have some fiber.