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So Epic's Mark Rein interrupted a discussion last week at a conference, and got people upset. It made for good theatre at the time, but now the dust has settled, Rein has issued an honest apology.


"I want to apologise," Rein says in an email to Positech's Cliff Harris, the man who last week called him a "jerk". "It was completely rude of me to interrupt your panel with my opinion no matter how well intentioned. I'm supremely passionate about the plight of indie developers, and game developers in general, and I heard something I thought was incorrect advice and I just couldn't keep my big mouth shut."


You hear/see so many fake apologies in this business that it's nice to see a real one, where genuine fault is acknowledged and there's actually a touch of sincerity involved. Well played, Mark Rein, well played.

You can read the full exchange at the link below.

Exclusive: Mark Rein's indie apology [Develop]

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