Mark Rein in a Bubble Bath, Peter Molyneux Told Off

The Develop Industry Excellence Awards kicked off last week this fantastic video featuring a cast of game-developer greats.

Among the sights you'll see in this 8-minute-plus video are a bubble-covered Mark Rein soaking in a bath, the foul-mouthed developers of SCE London & Cambridge Studios and a surprise appearance of a coyly-smiling Peter Molyneux.


Stick around to the end, it's worth it.

Full Cast
Mark Rein - Epic Games
Charles Cecil - Revolution Software
Simon Nelson - BBC Vision
Chris Lee & Staff - Freestyle Games
Phil Davidson, Dan Martin, Tom Molloy, Rob Donald, Fran Shergold -
NaturalMotion Games
David Braben - Frontier Developments
Mark Healey, Alex Evans and Kareem Ettouney - Media Molecule
James Shepherd, Seb Caniff, Nancy Carter - SCE London & Cambridge Studios
Mick Morris - Audio Motion
Tony Beckwith, Steve Uphill, David Jefferies, Jay Green - Black Rock Studios
Ian Livingstone - Eidos
Peter Molyneux - Lionhead Studios


[Thanks Richard]

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