Mario's Voice Yearns For Waluigi Games

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Three out of four Mushroom Kingdom plumbers have scored starring video game roles. The man who voices them all, Charles Martinet, wants to make it four out of four, lamenting the lack of a game starring Wario's skinny lackey, Waluigi.


Charles Martinet is a prolific video game voice actor, and if he had his way, he'd be a game designer as well. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer at an exclusive Super Mario Galaxy 2 pre-release party at the Nintendo World Store in New York, Martinet professed his love for both Luigi and Waluigi, suggesting that it's about time for Wario's partner in crime to get his own starring role.

Charles Martinet told me that, although Mario is his favorite Nintendo character, he also loves Luigi and Waluigi. Going so far as to say that he'd "love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny." He continued, in Waluigi's voice, saying, "Waaa Everybody's cheating but me!"

Waluigi is one of the rare video game characters that I completely forget exists until he pops up in a story like this. Should he get his own game? If Waluigi suddenly died, would anyone notice?

Probably not. No game for you, Waluigi.

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Waluigi is so underrated.

Here's an idea: Super Wario Bros. The game starts with Wario and Waluigi going through the original stages of the mushroom kingdom. You control both of them at once (maybe if it's on the wii, one with the nunchuk, and one with the wiimote). And the characters have none of the same powers that the mario bros do. They have to trick their way past all the enemies, breaking the fourth wall, working in tandem to cheat, set traps and otherwise underhandedly progress because they're trying to beat Mario to the princess, to humiliate him and make time with his girl. Yes, both of them have that goal. At once. See, this is also going to be a Conker-esque deconstruction of the mario universe.

Just for one example of a puzzle, the brothers can't jump well, so those pits in 8-2? They fill them with spiny bait and spiny poison and cross the pit by walking on thousands of belly-up spiny corpses.

Yes, it's half baked; I came up with all the details as I was typing. I never promised I was Miyamoto.