Mario's New Red DSi XL Coming To America

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That very snappy red DSi XL that was minted for Super Mario Bros' 25th birthday? It looks like it's coming to the US market, courtesy of a listing on Walmart's website.


As you can see, it appears to be the same red unit offered in Japan (and also confirmed for the European market), right down to the anniversary graphics on the front. The American version includes three pre-installed DSiWare games (2x Brain Age titles and Photo Click) along with Mario Kart DS. Which is quite the deal.

Walmart's bundle is throwing in some other games too, but even if you grab the vanilla pack, Mario Kart is just fine as a starter game.

No word on a release date yet (it's listed as "out of stock"), but we've contacted Nintendo for official confirmation and details, and will update if we hear back.

Nintendo DSi XL, Red with Mario Kart DS & 2 Value Games Bundle [Walmart, thanks Geoff!]



Why would they bother since the 3DS comes out in a few months?