I don't even know what I just watched. I think... I think I liked it?

It's, um... huh. So I know for sure that this is a movie. Ostensibly it takes place in an old-school Game Boy and is about a Pokemon trainer attempting to battle and capture Mario. For reasons. He's got some kind of gremlin mutant Pikachu at his side, nightmare fuel molded from gritty clay, glass shards, and broken dreams. I like the parts where I can't see his face.

This Pokemon trainer, however, is also pretty cool with just punching people. And throwing dirt in their eyes. It's kinda whatever for him, I guess. He trains Pokemon, but he doesn't let it define him.

And then the hammer comes out.

There's also a "making of" video that's pretty enlightening. I now know how to throw a hammer at somebody's head without actually throwing a hammer at somebody's head. Woo!