Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Mini-Marches To DSiWare

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What new digital treasure await the Wii Point and DSi Point bearing Nintendo fan this week? Perhaps most noteworthy is arrival of Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!, announced last week for the Nintendo DSi and available right now.


This week's new downloadable titles for WiiWare, DSiWare and the Wii Virtual Console has a focus on history, as the historical military simulation Ghengis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf, originally for the Super Nintendo, joins the not so historical Swords & Soldiers, each a Virtual Console and WiiWare game, respectively.

Slightly less attention is given to the fishing arts, thanks to Fish 'Em All. It's a fishing game! For better descriptions of each title, packed with exclamation points(!) and "prices" for each new digital download, read on.

Swords & Soldiers (1000 Wii Points): Rewrite history as you take control of the brutal Vikings, the devious Aztecs or the crafty Chinese in their global quest to win the favor of the Gods! Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling strategy game that lets you control an entire army and lets you wield devastating magical abilities. Demolish your enemy's castle at the end of these two-dimensional battlefields and lead your troops to victory! Featuring hours of single-player campaign gameplay, challenging skirmishes and frantic local multiplayer matches that let you take the fight to your friends! If that still isn't enough for you, there are several compelling challenge modes to unlock that will test your abilities to their limits in a bid for that one glorious high score!

Fish 'Em All (800 Wii Points): An arcade game with real coin-op flavor! Jack and Walter are two old fishermen in a fantasy world. They have found places where crazy fish leap out of the water all day long. The perfect place for a spot of fishing. It's a shame the other strange creatures aren't going to make things easy! With this surreal action game, you will experience the excitement of the great arcade classics on your Wii console. Hold on tight to your Wii Remote and fish 'em all! Featuring nine colorful scenarios, three game modes (Arcade, Challenge, Fishtris), and one or two player action.

Virtual Console
Ghengis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf - SNES (800 Wii Points): In Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf, unite the scattered Mongol tribes under your banner and conquer the world as Genghis Khan! Choose from two riveting scenarios: Mongolia and all of Eurasia! It is up to you to take your fledgling empire from your humble beginnings on the Mongolian plateau and expand your borders across the land! As your rivals look enviously upon your domain, you must struggle to weather the assaults of your opponents and carve out a living for your people. Engage in diplomacy to forge alliances and organize your troops to defend the prosperity of your empire! If you can manage to spread the borders of your empire to the corners of the world, all will pay homage to your might!

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! (800 DSi Points): Thanks to the runaway success of Super Mini Mario World, Mario and Pauline have expanded their toy-filled theme park and invited everyone to the opening celebration. Everyone, that is, except Donkey Kong, who was too late to get in! Donkey Kong decides to crash the party and kidnaps Pauline along the way! Can Mario and his Mini Marios rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong's clutches yet again?


bableebooblah-new and improved.

so speaking of nintendo who would love that nintendo re-make some og thier old games into new ones with current technology.

for example they remake link to the past with the twilight princess ip.