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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, Flipnote Studios Coming To DSiWare

Illustration for article titled Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, Flipnote Studios Coming To DSiWare

Nintendo's DSiWare downloadable service is about to get a new Mario game, as Nintendo has announced Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! for the Nintendo DSi. And it's coming next Monday.


The third installment in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong franchise will follow the same puzzle solving gameplay made popular by its predecessors, but players will now have full control over where to set traps, enemies and a host of power-ups in the construction zone, according to Nintendo. Price to you is just 800 DSi Points when it digitally arrives on June 8th.

Also coming to DSiWare is Flipnote Studio, the DSi flipbook creator that lets players create animations. It is neat.

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Too bad it's DSi only. I love the series, but I'm not plopping down $170 on another DS with $2 clocks and calculators for it.