Mario Used To Attack Mario's Son

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New York Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino invokes a certain video game plumber in the latest flyer attack on his opponent, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, eldest son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo. See what he did there?


We're not here to drag Carl Paladino through the mud for his laundry list of faults. That's what Gawker is for. Instead, we're focusing on the suggestion that dressing an opponent up as Mario makes him somehow less appealing to voters.

I'm not seeing the "Andrew has been playing the Albany game for 30 years" line. Nor am I seeing the whole "Clean up Albany? Start with Cuomo" bit. All I see is a man in a Mario outfit. Surely a man who can rescue a princess every other day can run New York, right?


I just feel a little bad for Carl here. If only he had run for governor 20 years ago. This would have been hilarious back when Mario was in office.

Mario Referenced in NY Governor Race [Game Politics]

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Joel Rubin

Wow, and Paladino DOESN'T think Nintendo's gonna sue his ass over this? I mean, if there is one thing we all can agree on about the big N, they don't take kindly to any sort of copyright infringement, and come down like the wrath of god thereupon.

I know you're rich, Paladino, but trust me, you're not THAT rich. I mean, maybe Nintendo has a "no nutters" policy where they just don't care, but I for one will laugh if they do go gangbusters on this.