Mario Maker Player Creates A Level So Dirty, He Ends Up Trolling Himself

Mario Maker’s most notorious player is back again with another devilishly difficult level. This one is a little different, though. There’s a trap at the end, and it’s a little too good.

PangaeaPanga has created a new level called “Grown Man’s Garden,” and it’s about as cruel as you’d expect, coming from the guy who created the “hardest Super Mario World level ever.” See this?


Nothing about this seems dangerous, right? Wrong.

The goal post is hiding a spring, and if you’re not careful, it can mess you up real good. Of course, Panga actually made this level—so it should be no problem for him. He knows it’s there. And yet, that knowledge is still not enough to save him, as you can see in the footage above. It’s appropriately titled “I Got Trolled By My Own Level.” The moment happens 4 hours into Panga’s attempts to clear his own level, after he’s died 889 times. That’s part of what makes this particular death so delicious to watch. He was THIS close to beating it. The worst was behind him!

There’s only one response to this, really.

Oh, and if you’re wondering: Panga does go on to beat Grown Man’s Garden. You can watch him do so below.

Here’s the course ID, if you want to brave it:


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