Last week I asked you fine Mario Makers to create some levels that were all about the summer heat. I got a ton of courses and each offering various takes on “Summertime Fun.” Some went for vacations and beaches, others went for hellish nightmares.

But we all need to have a talk about something. Way too many of you folks decided to add evil suns to your levels. What did I do to wrong? Why punish me like that? Please. I work so hard to create content for you. Spare me from the deadly sun.


Also, if you want to play all the courses you can check out my Mario Maker 2 profile where I liked all the levels that I played for this contest. This is probably the easiest way to play all these courses without having to enter in dozens of ID codes.

My Mario Maker 2 ID number: 2C7-40T-HXF

Now, below are some of my favorite courses and a short description of the course and what I liked about it.

Mario’s Magic Trip | Marco XD | 259-VVY-S2G

Sometimes summer is a lot of fun. Then sometimes you eat some bad mushrooms and trip hard. A short and fun level with a nice twist on the theme.


Corner Pocket Summer | RaganrokSam | DON-NY1-OGF

There are a lot of puzzle courses in Mario Maker 2, but few of them are as fun to play as this course. Not a lot of platforming, but some solid level design and puzzles to solve.


Lost In The Desert | Talon227 | NSG-LDY-KYG

Summertime isn’t always fun. Sometimes you get lost in the desert.


Summer Days | Sethinon | XL5-NG9-L8G

A short level that is well made and filled with some creative puzzles that didn’t feel unfair or too hard. Also, the details and theming were really good.


Desert Coin Quest | Th3OSTRICH | XQT-9LS-GDG

Collecting coins in the desert shouldn’t be this fun. But this level uses some great sloped sections to add some variety and silly action.


Crispy Cove | Letheo | GC5-XV8-F9G

I have a soft spot for levels like this. Just a solid level filled with platforming, details and classic Mario action. One of my favorites out of the bunch.


Summer Time Fun Wave! | T.Phatom | XLT-4PH-J4G

This level is tricky to get the timing down, but the wave is so creative and cool I wanted to feature in my list of favorites. Not a level I had a lot of fun playing, but a really cool idea done well.


If your level didn’t make it on to the featured list, don’t worry. There were too many to list them all and I had to limit the list.

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