Last week I asked you folks to create some spooky and creepy levels. Halloween is almost here, so what better way to celebrate than by creating scary Mario courses. I got some great levels and surprisingly not all of them contained Boos. Just most of them.

I got a few levels that were set underwater, which is a perfect place to set a scary Mario level. Swimming levels always make me feel anxious in games, so add some scary music and you got a great Halloween level!


Anyways! If you want to play all the courses people submitted for the contest, you can check out my Mario Maker 2 profile where I liked all the levels that I played. This is probably the easiest way to play all these courses without having to enter dozens of ID codes.

My Mario Maker 2 ID number: 2C7-40T-HXF

Now, below are some of my favorite courses and a short description of the course and what I liked about it.

Cave Of Monsters | Bernzai | DC9-TKC-NLG

This level is a simple idea, a large vertical dungeon filled with monsters, done perfectly. The difficulty is paced in such a way that I never felt like I was running into random moments of bullshit. A few well-placed checkpoints will also help make this level not frustrating for less-skilled players.


Spooky & Scary: Haunted Waters | BulletBill64 | L6W-BO2-1GG

Swimming levels in Mario games are scary enough without also adding creepy music and darkness. Put all together and it becomes a nightmare. But this level never feels impossible and the guided path helps keep things spooky but not confusing.


Do Not Enter (Spooky And Scary)| Sparty303 | J3S-YG5-MQG

A creepy puzzle box. That’s the best way to describe this short but entertaining level. I liked the number of scary enemies in this course. It really helped make it feel like a level fit for Halloween.


The Wigglers Hunt | Newhubb | O1R-C63-3TG

Another underwater level, but this one has a whole different feel. Instead of swimming around a spooky ocean, Mario is slowly sent down into the dark waters in a small cage. Throughout the trek down into the darkness, Wigglers attack from every angle. Tricky, but short enough that when I reached the end I cheered!


If your level didn’t make it on to the featured list, don’t worry! A new Mario Maker Contest will return in the future!

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