Super Mario Maker, one of the Wii U’s best games, comes to 3DS today, which would be great if it wasn’t missing a pivotal feature: The ability to upload your courses online.

Although you can still build courses in Mario Maker 3DS, you can only share them via local wireless or StreetPass. You can also play some of the courses that people have been creating on the Wii U version, but only ones that pop up in your Recommended Courses tab—you can’t search for them manually. It’s a giant black mark on what is otherwise a great port.


Perhaps to make up for this deficiency, Nintendo included around 100 new courses made by their own designers, which is pretty cool. You’re essentially getting a brand new Mario game in this package, and some of the designs are very clever—even if it does start, as always, with Super Mario Bros. level 1-1.

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