Nobody does self-referential humor quite like Nintendo, that’s for sure. Mario Kart 8’s new DLC is no exception to this rule.

Ever since the awesome new DLC came out last week, players have been collecting the best easter egg-type findings they’ve come across in whatever spare time they have between, say, trying not to die from a) cute overload or b) the breath-takingly fast-paced new 200cc mode. Unsurprisingly, some of the discoveries are pretty neat.

Usual suspects for Nintendo content Gamexplain posted a video about five secrets they found in the new DLC, for instance:

My favorite is the grafitti painted on one of the walls in the “Super Bell Subway” track, which shows stage 1-2 from the original Super Mario Bros.:


The joke goes even deeper than that, though. The video points out that you can also hear the bassline from the original level’s soundtrack as you pass by this mural in Super Bell Subway. Neat!

You’ll find another musical easter egg if you drive up to the house on the right side of the track right before the finish line in the Animal Crossing-themed track as well:


You’ll probably want to turn the game’s music down to actually hear it, though.

Plus, there are some Mii heads decorating the windows in that house too. Like this Kirby one:


Justin Scerbo from The Zero Review also picked up on a bunch of references in the remade “Ribbon Road” track. Such as these three yarn Yoshis, which may have migrated from the still-unreleased Yoshi’s Woolly World:


...these stickers from Super Mario 3D World:


...and this Kung Fu Panda joke:


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