I don't understand drinking games. If you're goal is to just get as drunk as possible as fast possible, aren't there easier ways to do that? Alternatively, if you're just trying to have a good time with friends and be (relatively) responsible about it, couldn't you play other, better games than, I don't know...whiskey slap?

I still like this video, though, because I think the rule it proposes hones in on the perfect part of Mario Kart 8 to focus on if you're indulging in the arbitrary silliness of a drinking game. Just having people chug a beer when they lose or something would be sort of missing the point. Drifting (or power-sliding) is something that the majority of Mario Kart players know how to do. But it's still hard to do well, which means that it would actually inject some legitimate competition into the thing.


But, again, this gets back to why drinking games make zero sense: do you really want to be the guy who's so good at Mario Kart that he's left sober after all his friends are rolling around on the ground?

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