Mario Golf: Super Rush Swings Onto Switch June 25

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Screenshot: Nintendo

One of Mario’s most satisfying side-activities makes its Switch debut on June 25 with the release of Mario Golf Super Rush.


It’s golf, only with Mario characters. Check the wind, examine the terrain, hit the ball, repeat. Use Joy-Con motion controls to pretend you’re playing on a much better Wii. Participate in Speed Golf mode, which sounds like the opposite of real golf, or take your Mii character through the game’s story mode.

Mario plus golf generally equals good. We’ll see if that holds true come June 25.

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I’m happy for sure, but I’m a little unenthused with the HUD. It’s so... uninspired? Your club selector used to be a nice little graphic; now it’s just a simple list. Where’s the “Nintendo magic” that usually makes the HUD fun and unique? Hopefully I’m not being too pessimistic, I’m still hype for all-new Mario Golf.