Mario, Built From The Corpses Of Broken Skateboards

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What can one build from the shattered frames of well used skateboards? If you're the artist Haroshi, you can build some lovely looking Mario sculptures and skateboarding themed mosaics, not to mention some strong desire to own these works.

Japanese artist Haroshi has transformed the snapped, cracked and worn out skate deck into something more beautiful, a project named Harvest (that isn't just about Nintendo's mascot). The artists statement notes: "Purchasing new decks is a never ending cycle and this was evident by the tower of old decks that were reaching to the ceiling of my room. We can't throw away these decks because they hold sentimental meanings to us. I looked at these unusable decks every day and thought there must be something I can make with these."

"As a skater, I want to take responsibility of reusing skateboards when they were no longer useable," Haroshi writes on his Harvest web site, expressing the desire to "explore the possibilities of what can be done with skateboards," built on the themes of sustainability and recyclability.


Haroshi's "Skate And Destroy" collection will be on display at Tokyo's PLSMIS Gallery in Tokyo from Feb. 20 to 27. If you can't make it, view the works online.

Haroshi Gallery [Official Site via Hypebeast]

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Yes, Mario, skateboard culture, and anarchy all in the same gallery. Not to mention environmentalism.