Marc Ecko Wanted To Re-Make Macbeth

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As previously posted, clothing designer Mark Ecko is ready to remake his game Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.


The game is a story of how, with love and courage, one man heroically spray painting crap on a wall can triumph over oppression and give a voice to people yearning to be free.


Or just make Marc Ecko some money.

But that's not all. The designer was, at one time, interested in a video game version of Macbeth. Yes, Macbeth. "I completely re-imagined Macbeth," he told game site Destructoid. "I don't want to give it away."

"Our adaptation, I think, would have made it relevant to people who wouldn't have otherwise known about this great story. It's unfortunate, because a lot of people just don't know Macbeth." Marc Ecko, however, knows Macbeth.

"What, was it sacrilegious when Akira Kurosawa did it?" Ecko asked, referring to the 1957 Kurosawa film, Throne of Blood, an adaptation of Macbeth.


But that was Akira Kurosawa. You're Marc Ecko.

Marc Ecko wanted to adapt Macbeth for a videogame [Dtoid]

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"But that was Akira Kurosawa. You're Marc Ecko."

Thank you, that's pretty much what most of us are probably thinking here.