Comedic duo "Audrey" appear in the latest DSi ads for Japan. "Manzai" is a type of comedy where one member is the straight man, and the other is funny man.

Think Martin and Lewis or Abbot and Costello.

In this ad, the straight man Masayasu Wakabayashi says today we're going to talk about the DSi — namely the camera. Funny man Toshiyaki Kasuga appears, wearing a pink sweater and says "Kasuga's camera is pointed at you, ladies."

"Run away quick, please," Wakabayashi says to the ladies, gesturing. He then says let's take a picture and snaps one of Kasuga.

He then says you can take pictures of "creepy Kasuga" with the DSi camera to which Kasuga replies: "Hey, you don't really think I'm creepy, do you?" Wakabayashi says if he really thought that, why would he be doing manzai with him. They both laugh hahahahahaha. BYE!


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