Manhunt 2, The Uncut Edition

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While Manhunt 2 was nowhere near as good as the first game, its cause wasn't helped by the fact the game was edited by Rockstar to avoid an "Adults Only" rating.

Now, two years after release, it seems Rockstar are willing to give the game one more chance, and release it uncut, as was originally unintended. The game has returned to the ESRB's website with its "Adults Only" rating restored, only this time bound for the PC instead of a console.

With Rockstar's titles already available on digital delivery services like Steam, a PC download release of the game in its uncut form wouldn't be too bad an idea. Not like it's going to lose them any money.


ESRB rates 'AO' version of Manhunt 2 for PC [Joystiq]

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Manhunt 2 was far better, despite its slight drop in gore. I really liked the story, the atmosphere, and the bad dudes against you, it was really disturbing at times. The first game felt more like a snuff film than anything!