To: Ash From: Crecente Re: So, Yeah, AirPort Express Keeps Dropping Out... So I was thinking about American manga today. While I'm a fan of manga in general, it really annoys me that manga printed in English are still read right to left. It feels like so much bullshit. Why bother doing that? And don't tell me it's to make the experience more authentic. We both know that the right to left thing is a product of the language, not the culture. It seems so fake to me. Anyway, all of this got me thinking about the old manga I used to read (well, look at) when I was in Thailand and Korea. Out of curiosity I went down to our library and lo and behold I discovered two old manga. One was from 1980 and one was from 1975. The back/front ad for the 1980 one is for some old Bandai Electronics handheld games. (seen on the jump)So old, so crappy. The 1975 one is the manga I pored over for years as a child, fascinated mostly with the cat burglar with the remote-control detachable arms. (also a snippet on jump.) I would love to figure out who that was so I could read through all of his adventures. I can't begin to explain how deeply those 14 or so pages of a floppy and falling apart manga influenced my childhood imaginings. What you missed: Steam DRM Vs Spore DRM Miyamoto Receiving 2009 ESA Champion Award Finger-Lickin' Guitar Hero Nintendo's Kirby Event - Word From The Field Colbert Rocks the Rock Band Prince of Persia Hits in December Nintendo Responds to Trade Commission Investigation of Wii Training Wheels: My First MMO Win our Penny Arcade Expo Swag For Pennies A Day Left 4 Dead On The DS? Yeah, Right. The Best Damn Video Game Informercial You'll Ever Not Walk Away From

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I've always failed to understand how "mirroring" the artwork so that the English audience reads can read it left to right "distorts" or "messes up" the original art.

If I hold the Mona Lisa up to a mirror, it's not "distorted" it's just flipped.

Maybe I'm ignorant and need some enlightenment here, but I don't see how it's such a big deal.