Manga Style Paint Jobs For Model Cars Still Look Incredible

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Photo: Shinga

Kotaku previously introduced Initial D model cars that Twitter user Shinga had painted to look like manga art. Shinga is back with more, and his latest work continues to amaze.

In the earlier version, Shinga placed his models on a flat sheet of paper. This time around, he’s made a 3D papercraft.


This time around, Shinga has added a Delorean from Back to the Future II, showing how it could overtake a drifting Subaru.

Check out this angle.


In black and white, his work looks even more like it’s straight out of a manga.


He also shows off a bit more of his process.


For more awesome art, follow Shinga on Twitter.

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He’s got taste. Tomica Basic is a brilliant line of toy cars. His papercraft is an even greater work of art!

So, big idea: you know ArcSys’ techniques in turning 3D models into 2D-like illustrations in their fighting games? How about we remake this game:

...using those techniques? Something like an adaptation of this manga whose story crosses over with this game, with about 300 to 450 cars and 30 locations.