Manga Pluto Being Turned Into Anime

[Image via VIZ]
[Image via VIZ]

Pluto, one of the most critical praised and best selling manga of the 2000s, will be adapted into an anime.


The manga is an imaginative reworking of Astro Boy. Here’s how Viz describes it:

In an ideal world where man and robots coexist, someone or something has destroyed the powerful Swiss robot Mont Blanc. Elsewhere a key figure in a robot rights group is murdered. The two incidents appear to be unrelated...except for one very conspicuous clue - the bodies of both victims have been fashioned into some sort of bizarre collage complete with makeshift horns placed by the victims’ heads. Interpol assigns robot detective Gesicht to this most strange and complex case - and he eventually discovers that he too, as one of the seven great robots of the world, is one of the targets.

According to Kai-You, details are scant. However, a report on French site Otaku’s Mafia World (via sinonobu at NeoGAF) states that the anime will be eight episodes in all, with each manga volume getting an episode. Mappa is reportedly doing the anime, with the manga’s creator Naoki Urasawa, taking part in the pilot.

The anime is apparently slated for 2020. 

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