Canadian digital artist Sakimichan does stunning portraits of famous manga and anime characters—often bending their genders and making them very, very beautiful.

This isn't to say the the characters aren't originally attractive. They are! But whether the characters are male or female, Sakimichan just makes them pretty.

Kotaku profiled Sakimichan's lovely portraits back in 2012.

Recently, Sakimichan uploaded some wonderful new portraits—which, fittingly, are Naruto-heavy.



What better way to say "thanks" to a recently wrapped up manga?


Cool way to tip one's hat to Inuyasha.

Sakimichan's Disney characters are terrific, too.


If you are interested in seeing how Sakimichan creates, watch this video. If you want to learn more about the artist's work, check out the links below.

Sakimichan [Facebook]

Sakimichan [Deviant Art]

Sakimichan [Tumblr]

Hinata Speed up Video process [Sakimichan@YouTube]

Top GIF: Sakimichan@YouTube

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